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One Man Band 10.0 + Crack adalah hal yang Sistem Komputer paparkan saat ini karena sangat menarik. Banyak hal yang mungkin bisa didapatkan dari tulisan tentang One Man Band 10.0 + Crack ini.

Hmmm siapa nih temen-temen dhizka yang suka main musik?? hhehhee
dhizka punya software keren nih temen-temen, memang sangat kecil ukurannya.. namunn kemampuannya keren.. hehehehe
Dengan One Man Band 10.0 ini kita bisa bermain piano dengan keyboard temen-temen, dengan sangat banyak jenis suara.. Juga sudah tertera chords-chords nya, cocok nih buat temen-temen yang baru belajar hehehe...
Hmm apa lagi yaa,, mmm dengan One Man Band 10.0 ini juga kita bisa langsung me-record permainan kita... heheheh
Sebenernya banyak banget temen-temen featurenya, temen-temen bisa lihat langsung tutorial pemakainnya disini --> TUTORIAL
Keren kan temen-temen? ayooo cobaaa.. hehehehehe


Features included in One Man Band Originals
  • Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XG/Vista/Windows7
  • Plays all Yamaha styles (live and sequenced)
  • Automatic XG to GM conversion (in GM mode)
  • Reads and writes MIDI files, including XF chords.
  • Plays and creates Karaoke files
  • Hosts DXi and VSTi soft synths with support for ASIO drivers.
  • Supports Cakewalk .INS files for browsing instrumentbanks
  • Synchronises with other arrangers and sequencers thru MIDI clocks, both as master (sending clocks) and as slave (receiving clocks)
Playing Live
  • Store all the presets to play a particular song (style, tempo, multivoice, etc.) and reactivate them with a single key stroke.
  • Accompaniment continues to play while a new style is loaded (switch without a glitch).
  • Full fingered chord recognition for 34 chord types.
  • Single finger chord recognition for major, minor and 7th chords.
  • Chord recognition for slash chords e.g C/E.
  • Free Form chord recognition allows for any keycombination, independant from existing chords.
  • Control the tempo with a modulation wheel or volume pedal.
  • Full keyboard chord recognition with chord fixation pedal.
  • Play bass runs in the chord section.
  • Play chords with a set of MIDI pedals, a MIDI guitar or a MIDI accordion.
  • Supports vocal harmonizers.
  • 2 automatic harmonies for melody voices (close harmony and wide harmony).
  • Up to 4 instruments can be mixed for melody voices.
  • Enter commands for variation, tempo and volume changes, loading styles etc. using a MIDI keyboard controller.
  • On-screen display of the special functions of the MIDI keyboard controller. Including browsing thru style directories.
  • Switches for style variations (fill in A etc.) can be assigned to any key, slider, knob, button, wheel or pedal that sends MIDI signals or to PC-keyboard keys.
  • Record your real time performance in a MIDI file.
  • Create accompaniment sequences (chords and directives) with the "drag and drop operated" arranger window.
  • Import melody and chords from MIDI files.
  • Add melody in real time or "drag and drop" notes on staff
  • Record chord sequences from your keyboard in the song window
  • Comprehensive sequencer for standard MIDI files
  • Detailed editing in eventslist and pianoroll
  • Add time dependend lyrics in real time to a MIDI file and create a karaoke file
Style creating
  • Edit all the style parameters
  • A style programming language to make modifications to styles in batch.
  • A mixer window with sliders for rapid style tweaking
  • Record style tracks
  • Record live (e.g. wahwah) effects with the mixer window in styles and songs
  • Convert MIDI files to styles.
  • Export and import style tracks to produce "morphed" styles 
  • Export and import style parts to produce "medley" styles containing variations of different styles
  • A drumset conversion tool
  • Apply random velocity to introduce more variety in styles
  • Detailed editing on style tracks in eventslist and pianoroll

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